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New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker, continues the epic story of a woman who rises to become a queen of the desert when she meets Jesus.
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Thousands... Not Billions [Paperback]

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"Evolutionary models for life, earth, and space are questioned today by a significant group of scientists worldwide. They are convinced that the earth and the entire universe are the result of a supernatural creation event which occurred just thousands of years ago, not billions of years." Why do conventional methods for dating rocks differ so radically? What does carbon-14 found in diamonds tell us? Was there accelerated nuclear decay in earth's history? Are the creation and Flood accounts genuine historic events? These and many other questions are addressed in Thousands...Not Billions. This book summarizes eight years of research by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and a team of scientists, whose goal was to explore the age of the earth from a biblical perspective. The project title was Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, or RATE. The age of the earth is one of the most divisive topics today, much debated by scholars and laypersons alike. What one believes about the age of the earth goes a long way in determining world views. The Bible is explicit that the earth is young, but many people feel that science has proved our planet is more than four billion year old. Thousands...Not Billions provides a compelling challenge to Darwinian evolution.

Publishers Description
Eight respected PhDs expose the truth about radiometric dating and years of science fiction

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Pages   190
Est. Packaging Dimensions:   Length: 0.5" Width: 6.25" Height: 9"
Weight:   0.58 lbs.
Binding  Softcover
Release Date   Sep 29, 2005
Publisher   New Leaf Press/Master Books
ISBN  0890514410  
EAN  9780890514412  

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Reviews - What do our customers think?
Typical example of science mixed with nonscience to confuse the reader.  Jul 18, 2007
Do you believe in the scientific "theory" that makes your microwave oven work? How about the scientific "theory" that makes electricity available when you plug in your toaster? How about the scientific "theory" that water is comprised of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. These and ALL theories are ideas that have been tested and tested and NEVER found to be wrong. If you believe that all of these theories are true, why question the theory of carbon dating accepted by ALL PEER REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTATION?

This book is another example of TRUE scientific theory mixed with UNTESTED hypothetical ideas (somewhat like "bait and switch"). The end result is that the author claims to prove his ideas when in fact the untested hypotheses are still untested.

I love God, people and our planet but feel that books like this one prevent us from seeing the entire truth, unfortunately.
These scientists provide evidence in real test results  Mar 5, 2007
I've read thousands of books to try to keep up to date - and this book has got to be one of my favorite books of all. The book summarizes eight years of research by a team of scientists. Not only does the book provide the results of radioisotope dating tests, but it explains the process as well as what the results mean. This book found the perfect balance to being readable yet precise and detailed. It also refers the readers to two other books that are much more detailed regarding the radioisotope dating discused in the book.

The book explains about some of the radioisotope methods in use, such as:

* Carbon-14 dating
* Potassium-Argon
* Rubidium-Strontium
* Lead-Lead
* Samarium-Neodymium

The book also explains both alpha decay and beta decay, and why it matters.

This team of scientists not only reference published dating test results but also did their own dating tests utilizing multiple state-of-the-art commercial radioisotope dating laboratories.

The book also explains a vitally important concept: Iscochrons
(Isochrons are utilized today in almost every radioisotope dating experiment)

Ini order to give an age estimate for a rock using radioisotope dating, there are several assumptions that are made ... three fundamental assumptions are:

1) the initial conditions of the sample are known accurately
2) we can tell whether or not the rock has exchanged atoms with the surroundings during its history
3) the nuclear decay rate or half-life of the parent isotope has remained constant since the rock was formed. (isochron methods are not sensitive to testing the correctness of this assumption)

The book presents the evidence of the results of careful testing that you can analyze on your own. However, the team of scientists also provide their summary of what the results show and provide possible explanations as to what they mean and what could account for the evidence.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in finding out just how radioisotope dating is done and in reviewing evidence from a variety of tests performed recently. It provides scientific evidence gathered by a team of scientists presented in an easy to read format with tables, charts and figures.
That guy below me is an idiot.......  Sep 7, 2006
I don't think he read the book, honestly. There are MANY intriguing issues that are brought up in this book by SCIENTIFIC, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. If you think that evolution has all the answers in the bag, think again. Why is Carbon-14 found inside of diamonds? Diamonds are supposedly 3.3 billion years old. Carbon-14 has a half life of 5,700 years. Do the math. It is beyond me to figure out how this is not physical evidence. Why is there Helium in Zircon crystals when it should have dissipated a very long time ago? It seems to me like some people don't even read the book, that they just have a chip on their shoulder and feel it is nessecary to TRY and belittle the work these SCIENTISTS have done. Even if you are against Creationism this is still a good scientific book to dive into. The book even admits that there are many problems yet to be solved. I look foward to further research in these fields.
Billions not Thousands  Aug 26, 2006
Apologetics is a branch of theology devoted to defending the divine origin and authority of Christianity. Religions base absolute and immutable "truth claims" on special revelation and divine authority - none of which is observable, empirical, or measurable. The resulting beliefs and dogmas are essentially divorced from the laws of reason. Faith alone is required. Faith, in the religious sense, can never be falsified, it can only be abandoned.

Science is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena and acquiring new knowledge, as well as for correcting and integrating previous knowledge. It is based on observable, empirical, measurable evidence, and subject to the laws of reason. Scientific facts (along with hypothesis and theories) are always provisional and subject to scrutiny as new information becomes available.

The differences between these two disciplines explains why this book is such a mess.

Faith has informed the author that the Earth is only a few thousand years old. All the scientific evidence argues for an Earth that is several billion years old. How does he pound this square peg into a round hole? The same way creationists always do - invoke sophistry under the guise of apologetics, dispense with reason, ignore mountains of objective and verifiable evidence, invent evil "Darwinian" bogeymen, and dress up the result (in drag) with a seemingly impressive veneer of scientific sounding techno-babble.

The painfully contrived "evidence" referenced in this book is a rehash of erroneous hypothesis and junk findings wished into existence by the RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth) group - a collective of various crank-science Young Earth Creationists whose shallow litany of fallacious non-peer reviewed arguments includes: Helium diffusion in zircon crystals, C14 in coal and diamonds, and my personal favorite - Polonium halos. Although this drivel occasionally hoodwinks unwary reviewers (you know who you are - and yes I read the book), the scientific community at large remains unimpressed.

Does the "science" in this book justify overturning two hundred years of spectacular advances in cosmology, astronomy, physics, geology, paleontology, chemistry, and biology? Absolutely not! There is no science in this book - only an apologetics fueled diatribe based on fallacious arguments from authority, fundamentalist dogma, and an odiferous pile of crank creationist pseudo-science courtesy of the RATE group. An uneasy faith conjured this book into existence, not science.

Ultimately this mendacious and tedious tome fails to justify a medieval hocus-pocus worldview based on the author's cherished set of bronze-age myths and fables.

If you are interested in how old the Earth really is (approximately 4.54 billion years), and the multiple lines of scientific evidence that support this conclusion, try Ancient Earth, Ancient Skies: The Age of Earth and its Cosmic Surroundings or The Age of Earth by G. Brent Dalrymple.
Impact  Mar 22, 2006
I'm currently re-thinking my indoctrination into the evolution theory. I have kept science separate from my faith in God and had always believed that the earth was very old. However, recently, I have found that this belief is irreconcilable with my belief in a loving God. I had never even read any creationist literature, thinking, like most people that it is "hokum". Most of the creationist literature is unconvincing to me. However, after reading I wanted to find out more about the RATE project in detail because I was especially curious about two research projects that seemed to be convincing, the helium diffusion in zircons (helium should have long ago escaped into the atmosphere after millions of years, yet why is it still in zircon?) and the radiohalos found in rocks (has there been rapid nuclear decay in certain periods of history?) I read this book in conjunction with "Starlight and Time" by Humphreys. I realized that there are some very intelligent people who believe in a young earth and have made some major scientific contributions that will definitely have an impact on science, that is, if people would read this literature. I especially liked the paragraph that says, "Some critics have argued that the young-earth viewpoint is a hindrance to scientific progress. They claim that belief in biblical creation returns us to the dark ages of naive, pre-scientific, and false views of natural history. However, such claims are mistaken. The questioning of radioisotope dating and the geologic time scale neither stifles inquiry nor hinders sceintific progress. Instead, it serves the healthy purpose of uncovering assumptions and bias. The reappraisal of earth history also opens up entirely new areas for study and research as the RATE project has shown." I agree that the RATE project has done exactly that and this book is worthwhile reading for any scientist.

One problem that I had was statements like "The original creation from nothing, or ex nihilo in Latin, was clearly supernatural. Likewise, the theological reasons for accelerated decay and the mechanisms behind it may lie entirely beyond the limits of scientific inquiry. Still, it is of interest to apply our present knowledge of the nucleus to explore possible mechanisms for accelerated decay." The problem I have with statements like this in creationist literature, is that unsolved mysteries are commonly relegated to the "supernatural". Also in "Starlight and TIme" the author did the same thing, for the things he couldn't explain in his theory, he assumes that God stepped in and acted supernaturally and "suspended the laws of nature." I'm not sure if God would actually suspend His own laws and act beyond the scope of his own creation. I believe that everything God does is purposeful and he placed specific laws in nature that we are to obey-- I don't think he would want to confuse us by acting outside of His own laws. So I think that everything that exists should have a "reasonable" or "natural" explanation. I believe everything has a purpose and this whole universe speaks of who God is. While I do believe in the miracles of the bible and have personally experienced so many miracles (things way beyond mere chance or coincidence) I'm wondering if these events are not beyond the scope of probablility and also within the realm of scientific explanation. It may be a mistake to view things as "supernatural" which actually take place within the natural realm-- and I don't believe that Christians need to be apologetic in acknowledging the fact that yes, miracles do happen (things beyond mere chance), and yet they also have scientific explanations. In any case, these statements make creationist scientific inquiries very unconvincing to athiests. Miracles never have and never will convince the unbelievers, unless it is a miracle in which God touches a person in a very personal way. I think this is what the Intelligent Design movement does an excellent job of opening people's eyes to.

The creationists will have to approach things from all angles at once if there is any hope in collapsing the evolutionary and old earth theories, and as the book acknowledges, there is a lot more work to be done. It should have an impact on science if people are open minded enough to read it. There will also be economic impacts as a result of their research since radiohalos will help with locating certain metals and uranium. Since money is always a motive, I'm sure that scientists will have more motive into looking into this more seriously. This book in conjuction with "Starlight and Time" is a pretty convincing start in breaking down the evolutionary theory in my opinion. I'm anxious to read "Not by Chance" next.

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